话说这个2017年Javi的纪录片,我是在B站看的这个西→中字幕,总觉得和之前看到的英语字幕翻译有出入。谁有英语字幕的资源?我没找到 :0160:


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【Javier Fernandez】A Story About Javier-哔哩哔哩】 b23.tv/hi59qhP

是这个吗? 这里Brain的吐槽真的很好笑

1. 吐槽Javi: So I talked to the Federation and said "Do you think we can get him here in June"? And they just laughed. I got him to Toronto by the end of July, even though that was early for Javi. But ... He came to my office and I asked him "What‘s your goal for this season?" And He was like: "I don't know."

2. 吐槽Yuzu: I asked him "why do you want to come with me?" He just said "I want to train with Fernandez" (Brain这里说着说着笑了还撇嘴)

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@stella_0428 下载下来保存了 :0120: ,bo还说他迟到,骂他一顿,结果他最后也没走,还是跟着bo训练,bo说如果换他自己就走人了。笑死了,真的很犬系。

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