No. 2657
Date: 2022-8-10
Title: Complex Vowels
Alt text: Pronouncing [ṡṡċċḣḣẇẇȧȧ] is easy; you just say it like the 'x' in 'fire'.

No. 2656
Date: 2022-8-8
Title: Scientific Field Prefixes
Alt text: Massage: Theoretical (10), Quantum (6), High-energy (2), Computational (1), Marine (1), Astro- (None)

No. 2655
Date: 2022-8-5
Title: Asking Scientists Questions
Alt text: 'Does the substance feel weird to the touch?' is equally likely to get the answers 'Don't be ridiculous, you would never put your hand near a sample. We have safety protocols.' and 'Yeah, and it tastes AWFUL.'

No. 2654
Date: 2022-8-3
Title: Chemtrails
Alt text: Ants have reverse chemtrails--regular citizens spraying chemicals everywhere they go to control the government.

No. 2653
Date: 2022-8-1
Title: Omnitaur
Alt text: "My parents were both omnitaurs, which is how I got interested in recombination," said the normal human.

No. 2652
Date: 2022-7-29
Title: Proxy Variable
Alt text: Our work has produced great answers. Now someone just needs to figure out which questions they go with.

No. 2651
Date: 2022-7-27
Title: Air Gap
Alt text: You can still do powerline networking, but the bitrate does drop a little depending on the lightbulb warmup and cooldown delay.

No. 2650
Date: 2022-7-25
Title: Deepfakes
Alt text: If so great a deductive mind as Arthur Conan Doyle can be fooled by the Cottingley Deepfakes, what chance do we mortals have? Soon our very reality will be dictated by the whims of Frances (9) and Elsie (16).

No. 2649
Date: 2022-7-22
Title: Physics Cost-Saving Tips
Alt text: I got banned from the county fair for handing out Helium-2 balloons. Apparently the instant massive plasma explosions violated some local ordinance or something.

No. 2648
Date: 2022-7-20
Title: Chemicals
Alt text: It's hard to believe, but lots of kids these days ONLY know how to buy prepackaged molecules.

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